September 2018 Local Happenings

Its time for September 2018 local happenings in our community.

Can you believe the year is almost over and fall is upon us?

Its been a very rainy summer to say the least and I for one am predicting a very cold winter.

September 2018 Local Happenings will focus on the recent vote to reopen the clubhouse  in the Rainbow Springs Country Club subdivision of Dunnellon.

Plans include adding amenities for the Country Club residents who are a part of the HOA.

It also includes the Rainbow Springs community resident who are a part of the POA on the west side of U.S. 41.

This vote was a very hot topic for months.

It was featured in the Riverland News, our local paper, online on Facebook and the neighborhood forum Nextdoor.

You could hear people talking about it in the local shops and it was a very close vote.

In the podcast you will hear the results of that vote, as well as a list of the new amenities.

There will be a new annual HOA (home owners association/POA (property owners association) fee.

We will even discuss the hot button question of whether or not living in an HOA actually increases your property value.

It’s time for the “richest weekend in show jumping” at the H.I.T.S Championship.

There will be over $2 million in prize money in one single weekend!

And I bet you did not know you can watch it live on Showhorse TV online.

The September 2018 local happenings  recognizes the Dunnellon Thrift Shop.

You can see the great work they are doing for the community weekly in the local newspaper, where you will typically see them presenting a check to a local organization.

But I also encourage you to visit their website to learn more about them, see their hours, mission, events and donation policy.

You can also email them at info@dunnellonthriftshop.org

Thirdly, we are asking for your support for all our veterans by attending the Suicide Prevention Fair at the Malcolm Randall VA on Friday, September 14th.

Most people know someone, if not a family member, who has served our country and may not have come back home the same way they left.

Being a fellow veteran with PTSD, I understand the unique challenges facing my fellow veterans who have to live with this and other mental illness.

If you cannot attend, there are other resources available through your local V.A.  Please check it out!

And do you like wine? And music?  Well the perfect combination of both can be found at the weekly “Winddown Wednesday” event in Gainesville from 7 pm to 11 pm.

For the sports lovers, you can watch women’s volley ball in Gainesville where the Florida International Panthers will be playing the Florida Gators on September 14th at the Stephen C. O’Connell Center.

And if you listen to the podcast intro, you know that Ann-Marie, one-half of the Bortz Team, was former professional wrestler “Midnight” with the Harlem Heat during her time with the WCW.

The WWE’s Summerslam Heatwater in Gainesville will also be at the Stephen C. O’Connell Center in Gainesville on Septebmer 6th at 7:30 pm.

And finally, the First Friday Art Walk is back in Ocala.

It takes place the first Friday of each month from September through May in Ocala’s historic downtown.

There will be artist displays, live entertainment, extended shopping hours for the downtown restaurants and shops.

And in Ocala this month on Sept 7th and 8th, there is the Ocala Downtown Market (known as ODM).


Farmers, artisans, craftspeople, and food trucks come together to sell their products to customers from Ocala, Marion County, and beyond.

There’s a permanent roof structure with ceiling fans and restrooms, so bad weather should not stop you from going.

There’s always something to do in the local area.  So get out and enjoy your options this month.

We cannot cover it all there is to do locally in any given month.

However, we hope we gave you some great options to pass your time.

Whether you want to chill and listen to some jazz and sample wine, enjoy equestrian show jumping, or get down right rowdy at the WWE’s  “Summerslam” upcoming show in Gainesville!

Post in our comment section below your thoughts on this episode of the podcast, ideas for future shows you would like us to speak about and if you attended any of the events we mentioned.

See you next time!




Chuck & Ann-Marie make up the dynamic duo that it the Bortz Real Estate Team. Both are United States military veterans and offer true 21st century digital age marketing for today's visual world! We offer not full HD still photography as well as video with narration to tell the full story of why your home is unique as well as showcasing the area and subdivision highlights and features. We sell the essence and lifestyle of your home!

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