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Thinking of putting your home up for sale?  We capture buyers attention with our video tours!

You need to know HOW the agent you choose plans to market your home and attract customers.

When selling a luxury home, it’s not about casting the widest net, but pinpointing and targeting the audience that will find your home appealing.

Our team will work with you to determine what separates your home from the other luxury properties in the area and build a specific marketing program based on those strengths.

The number one rule is to price it right the first time!

Luxury homes are more difficult to price because each home is unique in it’s features, and that is where inexperienced agents fail.  Pricing your home is more than using price per square foot valuations.

 First, we offer a no-obligation in home or FREE ONLINE Home Valuation Report.

We offer the most comprehensive home valuation report in the area!  You will get to see why and how we arrived at the pricing for your property with adjustments for everything an appraiser would take into consideration from improvements, amenities, lot size and square footage to comparable sales and local market conditions.

Our targeted social media marketing ads showcase full HD videos with narration and music; and professional interior and aerial videos and photography to capture a buyer’s emotions and attention.

This not only increases your showings, but our years of experience and research shows us what areas of the country would typically buy in your community and/or price range so our ads make it to the computers, laptops and mobile devices of people who are more likely to buy your home.

Additionally, our tour tracking data lets us see exactly how many people are viewing your tours, where they are and gives us unprecedented ability to pinpoint our advertising.  This also decreases time on market so you can get to your next home quickly.

Our sellers also get unique full color brochures with a dedicated site for their video tour.  See examples below.

We are local homeowners and residents as well, so we recognize how essential it is to know that the agent you trust with your home is one who cares about you and your family….not just a commission.  Money is not our motivator, helping people and serving our community is!

Come join the many satisfied and happy customers who have chosen The Bortz Team to help them with their local real estate needs!

Call us today at 352-405-1663 or 352-405-1551 ☎️ to arrange a no-obligation walk-through analysis of your property.







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