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Fall Is The Best Time To Have A Garage Sale

Thinking of having a Garage Sale?  The cool weather will mean more people and they will stay longer than during the summer months and the heat.

Most people hold garage sales during the summer months, but fall garage sales are less competitive.

Saturdays are the most popular days for garage sales; but if you are lot of items, add a Thursday and Friday to make it a multi-day event.

Be sure to start around 7 AM and no longer than around 2 pm when sales begin to slow down.  This will also help you rest up if you are having a multi-day garage sale.

The location is also a big factor.  If you live in a rural area, consider asking a friend or family member who lives in an area where there will be more “foot traffic”.

See if they have items they would like to sell as well.  This will give your garage sale a “well-stocked” look and attract more potential buyers.

It’s also back to school time and parents are always looking for cost effective ways to stock up on school items, clothing and other things their kids need.

Don’t forget to check the weather to make sure you will have a clear day with blue skies and cool, not cold temperatures.

You also need to think about what to sell at your fall garage sale.  This is not the time to sell summer clothing.

This is a great time to put out those sweaters you have outgrown, ski jackets, gloves, and other fall and winter clothing items.

ski-jacket-281x300 winter-clothing-300x238

Please remember to keep things organized by putting out tables and makeshift places to hang clothing.

Also, you need to think about what holidays are coming up – like Thanksgiving, Halloween, & Christmas.  Put out Christmas lighting, Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving decor.  You will make money from these!

pumpkins-halloween-300x197 christmas-bauble-300x200

As for pricing, be fair! Remember, what you paid for an item has no relevance on a garage sale pricing.  You are there to actually “sell” the item, not recoup your investment.

Consider giving a discount if someone purchases multiple of a certain items, like DVD’s.

For higher tickets items, know what your bottom line is, and be ready to negotiate.

Offer “mystery bags”.  Those are garbage bags full of items, like kids toys, clothing, etc., for a set price.  Just be sure you know the age group and gender of the items in the bag.

And lastly, advertise your garage sale in print and online sites like craigslist, Garage Sale Hunter and Yard Sale Search.

Have fun, meet your neighbors and be safe!

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