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Want an honest and accurate valuation of your home before you decide if it’s the RIGHT time to sell?

We not only offer you a home valuation report at no cost or obligation to you; we are also here to answer all your questions and explain what is happening in the market at the time, with NO strings attached!

Arriving at the correct home valuation is based on several factors including inventory on the market, current days on market, ROI on upgrades, square footage, condition of property and other factors in comparison to recent home sales in your area.

Many agents make valuation mistakes that can cost you money by using incorrect comparables and other guesswork to arrive at a price for you home.

This will cost you valuable time on the market, as well as possbily leaving you with less money to move on when you sell.

Did you know that you cannot use a 2 story home sale as a comparable for a one-story home?

And do you know what water frontage or a swimming pool is worth in your neighborhood?

Many For Sale by Owners erroneously compute a dollar for dollar spent on home improvement valuation in arriving at a home valuation price for the market.

If you decide it’s the right time to sell after receiving your valuation report, The Bortz Team will also provide a seller’s net sheet to show you your approximate “walk-a-way” dollars after a sale, so that you will have a realistic number towards your next home purchase.

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