Preparing For A Home Inspection Podcast


Home Inspection Prep is a must before you put your home on the market!

This is our final podcast episode of 2018, and we want to wish every one a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

In this episode we will discuss what home sellers can do to prevent their sales contract from ending following the home inspection by a buyer.

You would be surprised how many home sales fall apart following the home inspection because sellers failed to do a home inspection prep!

Even though there are many reasons a home may fail to sell following a contract, we are focusing on just home inspections.

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There are 2 different sales and purchase contracts used in the state of Florida for the transfer and sale of real estate.

One is an “As-Is’ and the other has a repair clause.

We discuss the difference between both with our listeners.

Further into the episode, we also tell you what precautions or steps you can take as a homeowner to get your home ready for the market BEFORE you ever list it.

Did you know there are certain things that you pass by every day in and/or around your home, but never think about repairing?

And did you know there was one step you can do on your own before the inspection or listing your property to address future or current problems?

We also detail what items you should leave out for the inspector and home buyers during the home inspection.

The 13 tips we discuss and share with our listeners in this podcast are real tips for today’s world and home issues.

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We are excited about the podcast for 2019 and we want to want to thank you for your support this year!




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